In a big box world, it's hard to find unique jewelry that helps you

You’ve searched high and low for the kind of pieces that make you feel special, with little luck.

It’s all the samey same, boring, blah…..but the great thing is that you don’t have to settle for cheap and uninteresting anymore!

I’m Jen, and I help women who struggle with finding unique jewelry to help show off their super-fun personality so they can finally be proud of how they aren’t like everyone else!

For years I searched in the strangest places for anything that was different from the ordinary. I managed to find some, but it was never easy.

Most of the time, I just wouldn’t wear jewelry because I didn’t want something that everyone already had.

That’s why at the age of 12 I began to teach myself how to make my own jewelry.

Fast forward twenty-something years, and I made the wild decision to create and share designs with you.

You won’t find anything boring or standard in my shop………  

Instead, you will find unique hand crafted pieces made from eco-conscious materials that are so amazing, you are going to want to wear them every single day.

In fact, you’ll love everything you buy so much that I just know you’ll be back for more, and you’ll quickly become the one in your group of friends who has the “in” on something that everyone wants to know about!

I’ll leave it up to you whether you share the secret or not….

  • I have a serious addiction to travel.  I had visited all 50 states in the USA before the age of 18 (including Alaska & Hawaii), and I continue to travel up to this day.  In fact, our daughter has traveled with my husband and I since she was three and has seen most of the Caribbean as well as parts of Europe.
  • When I am at home and relaxing, my most favorite thing in the world is watching cartoons.  My absolute favorites include Bob’s Burgers and Rick & Morty.
  • I love spending time with my family or snuggling our rescue pup more than anything in the world.  Many times you will find me with them or in the kitchen cooking up a family meal or snack sans gluten (my husband has a gluten allergy)
  • I am a total extroverted introvert.  So, while I am not always searching for a big crowd of people to hang out with, get me in a social situation and I can talk to a wall.

Ready to get your very own unique piece?  Become a BESTIE and…..