About Us

We are thrilled that everyone who wears our jewelry, knows they are getting an unexpected eco-friendly piece they will want to wear every single day!

Before I created LivyLynn Vintage, I was just getting by every day trying to recover and get back to the mom, wife, and friend that I was before I had an unexpected stroke in 2011.

Then one day, I was sorting through some boxes in the basement and came across some old jewelry supplies. I hadn’t seen these things in years, but that day I decided to make myself a bracelet.

While excited about my basement find and the possibilities it held, I didn’t even consider that anyone but me would want to wear my jewelry designs.  However, at that same moment, I decided to snap a few photos to share what I was creating with my Facebook friends, and to my amazement they all loved it! 

After reading all of the amazing reactions from my friends, I decided to set out to create the most extraordinary upcycled eco-concious jewelry for the most unique trendsetters.  It turns out, the road was more difficult than I had imagined.

Not satisfied using the items I found in my basement, I spent hours searching for vintage pieces only to be disappointed in what I found. Wanting to make something truly unique, I realized that I needed to not just look for vintage pieces, but to look at how I was going to incorporate these pieces to make something brand new!

The sky is truly the limit when you think about jewelry mediums. However, I wanted something that would be classic, durable, AND unique. I found all of these things in shrink plastic, leather scraps, and recycled metals

Identifying the mediums was the first challenge, but turning those mediums into my dream pieces was a nightmare! It took months of trial and error to discover the perfect mediums, image transfer, and metal working techniques that we use today!!

Still, through it all, we released our first products and the response since then has been EPIC!